FIFA 20 servers experienced problems in Ultimate Team and Volta

FIFA 20 servers experienced problems in Ultimate Team and Volta

FIFA 20 servers experienced problems in Ultimate Team and Volta

A few days ago, FIFA 20 servers experienced a series of connectivity problems that prevent both FIFA Ultimate Team and Volta from playing correctly; This has been shared by numerous players throughout the day today, Tuesday April 14, 2020. EA Sports, through its official FIFA Direct Communication channel and which EA Help has echoed, has already made several statements in this regard, the last of them pointing out that they temporarily disable the online features of both Ultimate Team and Volta in FIFA 20 while trying to fix the problems.


Online setbacks in FIFA FUT and Volta

Thus, the current situation of global confinement and the limitations of networks and servers around the world could be causing the current setbacks online of FIFA 20, as has happened these days in other online games and services on the internet. At the moment, some players can access the game, although many others have already shared the problems and errors when trying to access its online features in the last few hours.

The current FIFA 20 online connectivity error prevents many players from connecting to EA Sports’ video game servers, also affecting both the FIFA 20 web app and the title’s mobile application. In both cases, its contents cannot be accessed either.

According to EA Sports from the official FIFA Direct Communication account, the technicians continue to investigate online connection problems and hope to offer new information in the coming hours through their official channels. We will stay tuned for any news regarding these online connection problems that affect FIFA 20 and its Ultimate Team and Volta modalities.


FIFA 20 servers are up and running again

After a night marked by problems with access to Origin’s online networks, the North American company reports that the problem has been resolved.

Electronic Arts has notified that they have already fixed the error on their official Twitter account: “The problems affecting EA Help, AHQ, Origin and the connection in all the titles have been resolved. Thank you for your patience.

How are you coping with this situation? We all are at home, working or studying… no matter what, stay strong and play a lot, since OMS has declared that gaming it´s beneficial for our minds on this quarantine time.

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(Contributed by Salazar.Cien; Edited by Hermes_Fang)