Netflix Gift Card Not Working? Here’s How to Solve It!

Netflix Gift Card Not Working? Here’s How to Solve It!

Netflix Gift Card Not Working? Here’s How to Solve It!

It’s easy to pay for your streaming services with a gift card. Because you don’t need to enter any payment information.


Sometimes you may find that your Netflix gift card code cannot be redeemed. But you don’t have to worry. This situation is generally caused by several common reasons. In this article we will tell you the solutions to these problems.


So, grab your snacks and prepare for nonstop streaming.

Why Your Netflix Gift Card Isn’t Working?

Here are the common reasons that cause your Netflix gift card unable to be redeemed.

You Entered An Already-Used Gift Code

If you’re encountering this problem, it certainly means one of your pals or someone must have redeemed the code on a separate account. To confirm this, you just simply need to check your billing details to confirm if it was used.


You can contact Netflix customer care for more assistance!

Invalid Codes Can Be A Pain

That’s exactly the feeling that hits when you are about to watch a trending movie and then discover your gift card is invalid. Don’t worry!


If you experience this problem, it simply implies that there is an error in the code you provided or that the merchant has not activated the code. You might want to verify the code and input it again.

Netflix Gift Card Not Compatible With Payment Method

This issue is common with accounts that are billed through Apple or linked to a Netflix-included package.


For Apple subscribers, you would have to terminate, wait till it closes, and then reactivate using the Netflix gift card code.


For others, you just need to wait until you’re no longer connected to a package or simply redeem it on a separate account.

Gift Card Error Due To Restriction On Regions

Some gift cards may not be valid in certain places. If you are unsure whether your Netflix gift card is valid, contact the vendor for confirmation.


Very exciting news!

Now you have everything to make sure your Netflix gift card is valid. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps then have a great day watching Netflix.

Steps to Redeem a Netflix gift card


  1. Scratch the foil on the back of the card to find the code.It’s best to use a coin or a plastic card. Be careful not to scratch off the redemption code. If you purchase a digital gift card, you can skip this step.
  2. Go to or openthe Netflix app.
  3. Loginto your Netflix If you don’t have a Netflix account yet, register a new one.
  4. Findthe Redeem Your Code option. Enter the code found on the back of your gift card or received from the seller.
  5. Click the Redeem The balance will be credited to your account soon.
  6. Now you canlay back and start watching all of Netflix’s fantastic shows without any extra hassle.


Redeeming a Netflix gift card isn’t difficult at all. The process is easy to understand. Go now to U7Buy for straightforward steps to the seamless purchase of your Netflix gift cards.