Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Top Up Guide

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Top Up Guide

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Top Up Guide

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) remains one of the most popular MOBA games played on mobile phones. The 5-versus-5 team fights to defend the base towers combined with the wide variety of the heroes’ skills makes the game immersive and addicting to players.

But these alone are not the only reason why players are hooked on the game. Instead, Moonton’s new and upcoming skins, heroes, and effects continue to excite the players and wait for more new content.

However, these exclusive items do not come to your account for free. Paying a reasonable amount to get diamonds in exchange is needed for you to enjoy these additional features.

How to Top Up in Mobile Legends

Diamonds are the premium currency in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This can be used to buy heroes and commanders including their exclusive and special event skins. Other than these, there are also other features that you can get by spending diamonds in the game. Most importantly, you can become a Starlight member by topping up your account.

To have diamonds on your account, you have to top up or recharge by paying a particular amount of real money in exchange for diamonds. Some of the most popular ways to do this are through bank transfer, or card payment.

We want to make your Mobile Legends top-up easier through this link.

Upon accessing the link, simply fill out the provided spaces designated for your user ID and zone ID. After that, you can choose the region you are in to narrow down the choices available in your region. You can choose from Indonesia, Philippines, Brazil, Russia, Global, and Global Except Indonesia.

By the time you have already chosen your region, all the available choices will appear. Below the offers are the possible payment methods that you can use.

How to Buy Mobile Legends Diamonds Pin

Aside from going for a diamond recharge, you can opt to purchase a Mobile Legends diamond pin. Instead of using the first method, you have the option to pick these prepaid Mobile Legends pin redeem.

On this page, you will see all the available offers for prepaid diamond pins. All you have to do here is choose how many diamonds you intend to buy and top up on your account.

To know how fast you can receive the code, simply click the offer, and the estimated delivery time will be shown. Plus, there are various options that you can choose from on how you want to pay.

Once the deal is done and you have already received the code, the only thing left for you to do is input all the necessary information to finalize.

Do this by going to the Mobile Legends Exchange page. There, you will have to type the redemption code, and game ID which is also your account ID. Click send, and wait for a verification code to be forwarded to your in-game mail. Once received, copy and paste it into the box.