Will You Answer The Call Of The Hunt And Partake In The Winter Wonderland Celebration In Overwatch 2?

Will You Answer The Call Of The Hunt And Partake In The Winter Wonderland Celebration In Overwatch 2?

Will You Answer The Call Of The Hunt And Partake In The Winter Wonderland Celebration In Overwatch 2?

Discover the best prices for Overwatch accounts on U7Buy! Overwatch 2 rolls out the Winter Wonderland celebration along with Season 8 Call of the Hunt. The event unlocks time-limited modes. It introduces event reward tickets that allow players to get items for their favorite characters. Let’s see what the Winter Wonderland event is all about.

Mei’s Snowball Offensive, Yeti Hunt, and Freeze-Flash Elimination Are Back in Overwatch 2

These are the holiday-themed modes that bring not only cheer but also new ways to experience the Overwatch 2 gameplay. In Mei’s Snowball Offensive, players engage in a 5v5 battle where the primary weapon is a modified snowball launcher. The catch is that players have only one snowball in their weapon at a time and must reload by finding snow piles scattered throughout the map. Each snowball is a one-hit kill, making accuracy and timing crucial in this mode. Your defensive options include Ice Walls and Cryo Freeze. Your Ultimate ability allows you to fire multiple snowballs at once. The available modes for this scenario are five versus five games with elimination rules and deathmatch. The Yeti Hunt is a five versus one PvP brawl. One player takes the role of Winston who takes the role of the Yeti. Feast on meat and unleash the beast within to bring your enemies’ demise. The five-player team of Mei heroes must freeze and defeat the Yeti. The Freeze-Flash is a five versus five-elimination mode. As you know, in Overwatch 2, heroes never die. This mode takes that quite literally. Instead of dying, you become frozen. Your teammates can unfreeze you. The team that freezes all the enemies wins the round. The game is won by the team that achieves three wins.

Welcome Mauga, the Newest Overwatch 2 Hero

Mauga Malosi comes from Samoa. A former Deepsea Raiders member, now he is with the Talons. He likes to party just as much as he likes to fight. Mauga is a tank hero. His Incendiary Chaingun is an automatic weapon that puts enemies on fire. Once they’ve caught fire, the Volatile Chaingun ability deals critical damage. Overrun is a charging ability that causes Mauga to leap forward and launch enemies. He doesn’t take damage while charging. You will want to be near him when he goes into Cardiac Overdrive as you take decreased damage and replenish HP. His Berserker ability enables him to temporarily boost his HP when he does critical damage. The Cage Fight ability traps enemies in a barrier inside which Mauga never runs out of ammo.

How to Earn Overwatch 2 Rewards in Season 8

The Winter Fair pass event is a new Overwatch 2 prizing mechanic. As you take part in games, you acquire tickets. Visit the Winter Fair and see what you can acquire in exchange for these tickets. You get tickets for every nine played matches. Wins count for two games. Playing the three Winter Wonderland modes gives you seasonal XP. The free pass track allows you to earn enough tickets to collect a legendary skin of your choice. You can select the Formal Wear legendary skins for Cassidy or Baptiste or the Winter Jammies Illari skin. If you spend 500 Overwatch coins and upgrade to the premium track, you obtain bonus tickets to spend on three more legendary skins and cosmetics. The StarCraft-themed Kerrigan Widowmaker skin is among the prizes. You have until January 15th to trade your tickets for prizes. After that date, the tickets become credits that are used to purchase cosmetics in the Hero Gallery. Read more on how you can benefit from unmatched deals for Overwatch accounts on U7Buy!