What Happens to FIFA 19?

What Happens to FIFA 19?

What Happens to FIFA 19?

FIFA 19 came to the market of football simulators ready to explode completely. After his competitor, the PES 2019, improved threatening his reign, they took out a very complete videogame and with great possibilities of being one of the best in recent years.

This resulted in an incredible sales numbers, as is customary with EA. It is true that certain bugs were found, but it was somewhat assumable when you launch a product that has millions of people playing at the same time connected.

It seemed that in Spain the mistakes of other years had been corrected, especially the theme of the connection and the first weeks FIFA 19 took more praise than criticism.

EA is making an update

But with the arrival of the FUT Champions everything changed. Just in case you do not know very well what we mean, it is a modality where all players who have achieved a series of previous points, have to play 30 games in a weekend to win rewards like fut 19 coins etc.
This game mode is very important for casual players, but also for professionals, since it is the main way to qualify for tournaments that give access to the FIFA World Cup.

Being such an important modality and that is played in a very small space of time, the number of players is enormous. That is what has generated the main problems in the game.

The connection problems, the slowness of the players when it comes to moving and the delay in reacting to actions is becoming more evident every day because of servers that are not ready.

As expected, this is also affecting professional players who are forced to play late at night to have a good stable connection and get good results.

In short, FIFA 19 is a very good game that is being hampered by different errors, the main one is the servers and needs to do something quickly because the Spanish community is very angry.