Tips and tricks to defend better in FIFA 18

Tips and tricks to defend better in FIFA 18

Tips and tricks to defend better in FIFA 18

We waited many, many months for FIFA 18 to reach our hands and finally it did! FIFA 18 arrived a month ago offering us very exciting matches full of goals, both against and in favor. But as has been usual in recent years, defending FIFA 18 is not easy, as there have been many, but many changes to the gameplay and realism.

However, it is still possible to avoid getting goals in FIFA 18 if we take into account a series of defense procedures that can be done thanks to the new controls of the proposal and our common sense.

That is why we have collected some tips to defend better in FIFA 18. We will tell you how to choose your defense, how to position it and how to be the best defense of all history.

The best defense is a good offense

This is the first and best advice to defend better in FIFA 18, so save it very well. If you spend a large part of your time attacking, your enemy will have fewer opportunities to go and score. In addition, if you have attackers and midfielders focused on pressing and stealing the ball, you will get few attacks to your defensive area with which you will avoid receiving many goals.

Press on the entire play area

You can choose in the tactics so that each one of the players of the field presses to the rival equipment. To avoid getting tired of such persecution, try to press a couple of players per line, including one or two forwards. By doing this you will not only provoke backlash in your favor, but also a dynamic of camaraderie and support throughout the field of play with which you will prevent the opponent from approaching your area.

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