Hay Day Update for Easter Is Now Live: New Building, New Animal, and More Updates

Hay Day Update for Easter Is Now Live: New Building, New Animal, and More Updates

Hay Day Update for Easter Is Now Live: New Building, New Animal, and More Updates

Hey, Hay Day farmers! Get ready to hop for joy because Hay Day’s Easter update is finally live. After a few weeks of enjoying the game’s St. Patrick-themed update, we are treated to another excellent Hay Day update this spring. If you’re new to the game and are looking for a Hay Day account for sale, now is a good time to buy one to join Hay Day.


Swap out your green hats for bunny ears because this sweet-tastic update is full of goodies just in time for Easter. From chocolate bunnies to a new production building and animal, things will get hoppingly exciting!

New Things Added for Easter 2024

Here are all the new goodies to expect from Hay Day’s Easter 2024 update. It’s as sweet as the Easter bunny’s chocolates!

New Production Building: Essential Oils Lab

Yep, we’re getting a new production building this spring! The Essential Oils Lab will have Lemon and Mint Essential Oils as its products. You’ll be able to have this in your farm if you’re level 68 and above.


Spring reminds us of blooming and fragrant flowers, so having a scent-themed production building sounds perfect. Get ready to feel calm and relaxed while smelling nice!

New Farm Animal: Ostriches

Make way for the newest animals on the block! Ostriches will be added during the spring update and will have a unique and totally adorable home in your farm. They’re both sanctuary and pet animals and you can unlock them once you reach reputation level 9.


There are two ostrich types to collect: the gray ostrich and the brown ostrich. Like all sanctuary animals, you can’t have too many of them, sadly. Feed them wheat bundles to keep them happy and make them sleepy.

Catalog Event and Temporary Production Building

The Easter update also brings a fun temporary production building to the farm! This temp one crafts colorful Easter eggs, which you’ll ship off to get chocolate bunnies as payment.


Collect as many chocolate bunnies as you can because you’ll be using it as currency for this update’s Catalog Event! Exchange choco bunnies for exclusive items only available during this event.

Scavenger Egg Hunt in Greg’s Farm

Don’t forget to visit Greg’s Farm after the update! This Greg Calendar Event will have you searching for Easter-themed boxes and eggs, which will have rewards and treasures inside. At the end of the event, you’ll get an even better reward! Thanks, Greg.

New Daily Events

Thanks to the success of Pancake Day, the Hay Day team decided to continue celebrating real life national and international events. The game has already celebrated International Women’s Month, which they did by having a special giveaway in their social media pages.


If you missed that, you’ll still have a chance to celebrate Potato Day soon. Potatoes, unite!

Update to the Update

Some players are experiencing errors and technical problems with their game after downloading the Hay Day update. If your game is glitching out and not working well, the Hay Day team released an update for that update to fix the issues. Head over to one of their social media channels to know what’s up.


For other Hay Day account issues, such as looking for Hay Day accounts or looking to top up Hay Day, visit our site for more info.