Clash Of Clans Players! Are You Ready To Kick Off The Year Of The Dragon?

Clash Of Clans Players! Are You Ready To Kick Off The Year Of The Dragon?

Clash Of Clans Players! Are You Ready To Kick Off The Year Of The Dragon?

Find COC accounts for sale and other game-changing deals on U7Buy! Clash of Clans players are invited to celebrate the start of the Year of the Dragon with this seasonal event. Based on the Lunar New Year 2024, this event honors the Azure Dragon. Just like the creature it takes inspiration from, the Dragon Festival event is all about force. You will realize that once you find out about the seasonal troops and rewards collected along the way.


What You Need to Know About the Clash of Clans Dragon Festival

First of all, you need to know when it starts and when it ends. The beginning date is February 8th. The end date is February 22nd. To be able to take part in the festival, you need to have a Town Hall which is level 8. If you participate in the seasonal events, you will earn prizes and dragon medals. The medals are seasonal currency. You will spend these tokens on festival skins and the Frozen Arrow. The arrow is an epic hero equipment. After the event is over, you have two more days during which the trader’s shop and dragon pinata are up.


Clash of Clans Dragon Festival Time-Limited Troops

The Firecracker and the Azure Dragon are the Clash of Clans temporary troops that are available throughout the event. The Firecracker is a ranged unit. Instead of a bow, she uses a rocket launcher. It deals damage to a target and then damages the units behind the first target in a cone area. The recoil of the attack pushes the unit a bit backward. The Firecracker starts at level 3. It can damage both air and ground units. It takes one minute to train and occupies eight slots.


The Azure Dragon is the embodiment of the Lunar New Year. It is a unit with a large health pool. It deals damage to all targets in the air and on the ground. You will need 40 house slots for it and wait six minutes to become available. This type of Clash of Clans unit has piercing damage. Not to mention that it looks amazing while flying over the battlefield.


The Frozen Arrow is an epic hero equipment. The unit that uses this is the Archer Queen. This is a passive ability that slows targets and increases the hero’s HP.


Exclusive Clash of Clans Dragon Festival Activities

Clash of Clans heroes cannot pass the occasion to dress up as mighty creatures. You will notice their dragon-inspired regalia. The Dragon Warden acts as a guide for players during the festivities. When you engage in multiplayer battles throughout the event, you have the chance to obtain Red Envelopes. They can be found in the enemy’s Clan Castle and the Grand Warden’s Altar. You can also obtain the envelopes from the pinata. You can exchange the envelopes for ores and seasonal troops. The red envelopes aren’t used just for resources and units. They also grant access to dragon medals. If you want more, U7BUY has everything a Clash of Clans gamer needs!