The WoW Classic Burning Crusade Beta Might Come Next Spring

The WoW Classic Burning Crusade Beta Might Come Next Spring

The WoW Classic Burning Crusade Beta Might Come Next Spring

WoW Classic players might be able to play The Burning Crusade beta in a couple of months. According to a rumor, TBC beta is coming in March/April 2021. This is not an official news so don’t take it to the bank. The rumor was started by ex-Nostalrius member, Nano. Nostalrius was a large WoW Vanilla private server. It was closed a few years ago.

Some of the people behind Nostalrius were consulted by Blizzard for the WoW Classic release. Nano posted in a tweet that The Burning Crusade beta session will be starting next spring. How does he know this? Someone asked for the source but Nano kept quiet about it. However, he hinted that the person who told him might be someone working for Blizzard.

It could be that Nano is in contact with some Blizzard employees and one of them leaked this info. Nano is also saying that the leak might not be true. He said that, according to the rumor, the current WoW Classic servers will transition into The Burning Crusade like the normal release of an expansion. Later, players will be able to make copies of their WoW Classic characters on a server that will remain Classic forever.

We already know that The Burning Crusade re-release is coming. A few months after WoW Classic was released, Blizzard made a poll asking players how would they like to transition into TBC. They asked if they would like to start fresh from level one on a TBC server, if they would like to have a normal server transition to TBC just as it is when an expansion is released, or if they’d like to keep playing their level 60 characters on a permanent Vanilla server.

So far, that is all we know about the TBC re-release. As BlizzCon isn’t taking place this year due to the coronavirus outbreak, we don’t know when Blizzard will release more info about TBC. It could be that they will be hosting a virtual BlizzCon and make more announcements then.

The Burning Crusade is World of Warcraft’s first expansion. It raises the level cap to 70, it brings flying mounts, it introduces two new races and lots of new content. The new world, Outland, has six different zones with new quests, monsters, dungeons, and raids. TBC raids have a 25-player cap. The expansion also introduces the heroic difficulty for level 60+ dungeons. TBC is considered a cult expansion and many players are looking forward to it.

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