Elder Scrolls Online – Unhallowed Grave Tactics Hardmode

Elder Scrolls Online – Unhallowed Grave Tactics Hardmode

Elder Scrolls Online – Unhallowed Grave Tactics Hardmode

Hakgrym the Howler. This is the first boss in the Unhallowed Grave, a dungeon brought by the Elder Scrolls Online DLC Harrowstorm. No one, except for the tank, should stand in front of the boss. The tank must block or dodge roll the boss’s heavy attack. The boss emotes with the weapons before the attack, that is your cue. Everyone must avoid the AOE on the floor. Take the totem down as soon as it spawns. The adds take priority over the boss as well. Make sure to avoid the adds’ AOE. Avoid being hit by the boss after he transforms. He will summon some adds during this phase and the tank must be ready to pick them up.

Keeper of the Kiln. As usual, avoid taking damage from the heavy attack by blocking or dodge rolling. This boss has lots of adds. The preferred strategy is to nuke them with AOE. There will be some archers that continually hit you with light attacks. It’s your group’s choice if you kill them or let them be. This fight has a unique mechanic. When you see the notification reading “Flames are rising in the vents” you know that something is about to happen. A shield will surround the boss. Except for the tank, all other players should use the grappling hook and climb to their designated platform. Decide who takes which platform before the fight. Use the sigil on the platform and the area downstairs that has the same pattern will light up. The tank must position the boss in that area. Wait for the boss to finish her sword attack and the fight resumes.

Eternal Aegis. Tanks should use block or dodge roll to save themselves from the heavy attack. The more DPS you do on the boss, the more adds will spawn. The good news is that they have low HP and can be AOEd down. The boss has an AOE surrounding him. You can move out or stay in the safe zone close to the boss to avoid the damage.

Ondagore the Mad. Make sure to take down the Colossus add as fast as possible. The other adds can be AOEd down. At 80% and 35% HP, the boss becomes invulnerable. Use the grappling hook to reach the ghosts and kill them. When the boss glows white, hide behind the pillar.

Kjalnar Tombskald. This boss has the same heavy attack animation as the first one. Avoid the AOE tornado. When the boss casts the blue flame balls and the skeletons spawn, they must be prevented from reaching the summoning fields. Prevent the big skeleton from reaching the middle of the room. Keep an eye on the other skeleton that cannot be killed but casts AOEs on the group. Avoid the ground spikes. Cages are a hardmode mechanic. Avoid standing between them.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)