Elder Scrolls Online – Update 25

Elder Scrolls Online – Update 25

Elder Scrolls Online – Update 25

Elder Scrolls Online is at the beginning of a new adventure. The Dark Heart of Skyrim begins this February with the release of the Harrowstorm DLC. A significant content update comes with the DLC as well. Update 25 brings numerous fixes and improvements for all ESO players. This is a base game update so even those who play the vanilla version of the game will get it.

Players will be able to get new item sets from Cyrodiil. There’s a set for each town that can be captured and you must do that first. The Critical Riposte set is obtained from Vlasterus. You will find the Unchained Aggressor set in Bruma. Conquer Cropsford and you will be able to obtain the Dauntless Combatant set. Speaking of Cyrodill and PvP, take note that all present campaigns will end once the Update goes live.

Do not worry as four new ones will begin. The new campaigns are Blackreach, Ravenwatch, Gray Host, and Icereach. As you can see from their names, they are part of the Dark Heart of Skyrim chapter. Find a war researcher NPC in Cyrodiil and buy the tokens that will allow you to get the new Knight of the Circle styles. Player housing fans will be glad to know that two more homes are coming with the update. Forgemaster Falls is an Orcish-themed house that features a blacksmithing station. Thieves’ Oasis has a Redguard style. Journeyman and Master Furnisher’s documents can be bought from Faustina Curio for 20 Master Writs and 50 Writ Vouchers, respectively.

However, you will need to complete Rage of Dragons or The Dragon’s Lair quest in order to unlock them. Visit Rolis Hlaalu and check out his new recipes. Don’t forget that new furnishings are available from the crown store as well. Don’t miss the chance to have Cadwell in your house thanks to Cadwell’s Astounding Portal. Decorate your house with the Pride of Alkosh Hero statue.

Update 25 will also come with bug fixes. Fang Lair and Scalecaller Peak issues have been fixed. Monster-related issues such as dragons’ landing effects are also fixed. Puzzle cubes now have tutorials. Some of the Necromancer’s abilities have gone under revision and changes were made as a result.

Elder Scrolls Online developers are committed to bringing us a great experience so almost all aspects of the game have been improved. One of the biggest improvements regards the performance of the game. After the update, the game will take less space and run smoother. Update 25 is already on the test servers so it should come soon.

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