Celebrate Blade & Soul 4th Anniversary Festival

Celebrate Blade & Soul 4th Anniversary Festival

Celebrate Blade & Soul 4th Anniversary Festival

Blade & Soul is turning four in 2020 and you are invited to the birthday party. The 4th Anniversary Festival is here with many fun activities and a ton of new items to collect. The 4th Anniversary Coin is one of this year’s anniversary currencies. Complete activities to get coins and unlock rewards. Get ready to adventure into Starstone Mines to complete The Leader of the Pack and Drowning Deeps to complete Rolling in the Deeps.

These quests alternate each day of the week starting with The Leader of the Pack on Monday. Complete the quests and get one coin. Head to Mushin’s Tower and complete The Final Training quest for which you will obtain two coins. Premium players get an extra coin. Visit the Dragon Express to see what you can obtain for your hard-earned coins. It’s a good idea to check out the items first as you might want to save coins and plan your activities. The most expensive item is the Aurealis Shimmer and costs 25 coins. The Passion Illusion Weapon chest can be acquired for 17 coins. Hongmoon XP and reputation charms are also available.

The Warrior’s Resolution is another anniversary event. Complete Shadowmoor Rising in The Shadowmoor, Live by the Sword in the Ransacked Treasury, and Bad Karma in the Sandstorm Temple to get three Resolution Tokens. Don’t forget about the weekly dynamic quests and the daily Moon Refuge to get more tokens. Premium subscribers get one extra token. They will also get tokens as login rewards.

Open Warrior’s Resolution Boxes for guaranteed rewards such as three tokens and one of four different types of crystals. Items such as onyx scale, bloodstone, scarlet bloom, legendary jewel, sacred vial, and several others have the chance to drop from the boxes. The tokens can be used as currency at the Dragon Express to get cosmetics, consumables, and more. While the festival is active, players can use resolution stones for weapon upgrades. Hunter’s Refuge is a zone that can be accessed only during the anniversary event. It’s a zone that allows players to take part in PvE and PvP activities. The zone is open for two hours a day starting with 20:00 server time. It can accommodate 300 players.

Players need to acquire the Hunter’s Orb from the Dragon Express for 10 gold as an entrance fee. Once they are inside, players form parties and complete PvE and PvP activities for XP and rewards. The event starts January 22nd and ends February 19th but you have until March 18th to get the prizes.

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