New Features in FIFA 19

New Features in FIFA 19

New Features in FIFA 19

The Journey Champions. FIFA 19 story driven mode is back for one last time. This year’s journey will conclude Alex Hunter’s story. Players now have three characters to play with, they can switch between them. There are also rewards that are carried over to other modes.

Ultimate Team. The most popular way to play the game got some improvements and additions. Division Rivals is a new mode that places players in divisions where they compete against each other to earn ranks and rewards based on the obtained ranks. And get FIFA 19 Coins via gameplaying but there’s a more easy way – buy FIFA 19 Comfort Trade, safe and fast.

UEFA Champions League. FIFA 19 secured the license to use UEFA Champions League in the game. This well-known tournament will be featured in most game modes, including The Journey and Ultimate Team.

Active Touch System. This is a main gameplay feature that updates how players work on the football field. Users will now see that their characters have better responsiveness when performing actions such as striking the ball. These new features also allow a more personalized experience on the field. This system introduces player specific moves such as the Neymar trap. Each skill and action is accompanied by a specific animation.

Dynamic Tactics. This is a feature that makes gameplay more tactical. It introduces tools that give players the chance to do some changes before the match begins. New to the game, there are also options that will allow players to make some modifications during the match. Players will have to decide if they go for a defensive or attacking tactic. There are also formations options.

Timed Finishing. This changes the way players score goals. When they are about to shoot for a goal, there will be new features that give more control over how the goal is scored. 50/50 battles are another new feature. Different things will influence players’ chance at getting loose balls.

Real Player Motion Technology. FIFA 19 is built on Frostbite game engine. The engine got an update that permits more realistic and fluid player movement.